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St. Michael’s Hospice is a 16-bed residence that assists people who are nearing end-of-life. We encourage family members to spend unlimited time with their loved in a place that feels like home. Nursing staff and palliative care physicians provide twenty-four hour care under the direction of the Hospice Patient Care Coordinator.

Hospice Palliative care provides symptom management and comfort care improving the quality of end-of-life. It focusses on a holistic palliative approach which includes emotional, spiritual, social, and physical care needs.

All 16 individual rooms have a washroom, a ceiling lift, a window, a TV and cable box, hospital bed and chair for family members who wish to spend the night.

The facility has a kitchen with a fridge, stove and microwave for food preparation, a dining room, family room, sun room facing the park and library. Families are encouraged to bring pictures and favourite items to personalize rooms.

After admission, family members are welcome to take their loved ones on day passes should they feel well enough.

St Michaels Centre Our Facility The Hospice Our Hospice


  • Social worker (once a week)
  • Doctor visits every morning
  • Spiritual care available upon request
  • Daily volunteers to provide activities and companionship
  • Music Therapy programs
  • On-site hairdresser


  • Tea service twice a week
  • Patients may attend any programs offered in our Care Home after consultation with nursing
  • Families are welcome to bring in food and cook, fridge and range are available for use
  • Animals are welcome on a leash but may be removed from the room during patient care
  • Please note that animals are not permitted to stay overnight
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We are always looking for dedicated individuals who are able and willing to volunteer their time to support our residents.