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St Michaels Centre FAQs



How do I or my loved one become a resident/patient at St. Michael’s Centre?

Clients must meet Home and Community Care requirements and criteria for admission to both our care home and hospice. A health care needs assessment will be completed to confirm eligibility. For more information, please call the Fraser Health Authority Home Health Service Line at 1-855-412-2121 (toll-free).

How do I book a tour?
  • For a tour of our Care Home, please call the Unit Clerk/Receptionist at 604-434-1323, ext 100.
  • For a tour of our Hospice, please call the Patient Care Coordinator at 604-412-2174.
May I bring any furnishings?
  • Our rooms are already furnished and our patients/residents may bring photos and pictures to hang on the wall or place by the bedside, as well as a favourite blanket or pillow.
  • Residents in our care home can bring a television (maximium size 32 inch flat screen). Installation and monthly cable fees are extra, please contact us for details.
What are the visiting hours?

Our visiting hours are from 9am to 5pm / 7 days a week. We request that visitors who come in by 5pm at the latest and avoid visiting between 2:30pm – 3pm (during the staff shift change).

What are the costs?
  • For our Care Home: The Ministry of Health determines the rates for publicly funded Care Homes. The rates vary depending on an individual’s income. It is a monthly fee based on 80 percent of your after-tax income, with minimum and maximum rates.
  • For our Hospice: The Ministry of Health determines the fixed daily rate. The daily rate for 2022 is $40.68. The rate does change annually.
What are the extra costs for the Care Home?
  • Telephone and television cable
  • Personal needs such as dry cleaning, clothing repairs and alterations, newspapers and magazines
  • Haircuts, special outings and social events
  • Health equipment (such as wheelchairs with unique features, and walkers) and health supplies (such as complex wound care dressings) are not covered by extended health benefits or Veterans Affairs
  • Additional services not covered by extended health benefits such as ambulance service, optometry, podiatry, and basic dental care
  • Security items such as identification bracelets
What are the extra costs for the Hospice?
  • Medications that are not covered under Palliative care benefits
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Dietary supplements such as Ensure
  • Family are encouraged to bring distilled water for oxygen humidification
When and how do I make a payment?

Payments are made on the day of moving into our care home and hospice and at the beginning of every month after that. Payments are made by pre-authorized debit from your bank. 

Can I take my loved one out for the day?

Yes, we request that you let our nurses know in advance so we can preplan and ensure our residents/patients have their necessary medications.

Please ensure that your loved one is signed in/out in the binder at the nursing station.

What clothes do I bring?
  • For our care home, we ask that you bring comfortable wash and wear clothing. Please bring five or six sets of preferred clothing i.e. pants or skirts and tops, dresses, including socks, underwear, pajamas and/or nightgowns. We do not provide any dry cleaning and use industrial washing machines and dryers.
  • All clothing must be labelled on admission.
  • In our hospice, we do provide hospital gowns and patients are welcome to bring personal clothing. We do not wash personal clothing in our hospice but do have a small washer and dryer for patients and families to use.

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